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I travel not to escape but to educate myself about the world. I like to connect with the indigenous tribes to experience their living up-close. I enjoy staying at Homestays, eat local food and do all that brings out the spirit of the place.

Content Writing/Blog Management

Writing comes naturally to me. I have worked with travel content websites based in India, Singapore and Indonesia. I can provide content on anything related to travel. I am also exploring the blog management space so if you are a travel website who is looking to outsource blog and social media strategy, I can help you here.



Travel Industry works on trust and honest reviews. If your service has potential, I can help you in reaching out to a bigger audience. Contact me if you want me to review your tours, services, stays, restaurants, even airline!

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Crafting and Organising Trails

We'll never know about the importance of our backyard until we see it differently. Crafting trails and walking tours have become my new passion whether it is an old dilapidated bungalow with an interesting story or a disappearing local recipe, I am always excited about them. Reach out to me if you are looking for such initiatives.

Join me at Responsible Travel - Asia to explore history and culture of Asia.



If you are a tourism board, airline, or any other travel-related entity, I can help build awareness for your brand with genuine engagement activity through social media and blog posts.

Travel Planning

I have been doing this for years now for family and friends. Travel planning is the most important process of a holiday. I can imagine that not everyone has time for it, yet, wants a vacation without involving a tour operator. You can now outsource this pain of travel planning to me; from deciding on a destination to bookings, everything will be done by me. You need to pack your bags and board the plane. Hire me if you are looking for a professional travel planner.

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