Yangon - Of Golden Pagodas, Thanaka Powder and Check Longyi


Rangoon, as it was known to be, is perhaps the most exotic city I have been to. Some say this is what South East Asian cities like Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City used to be in their nascence. The technology is yet to overrun the country at large. Having traversed through the temple towns of Mandalay and Bagan in the central region to the hill town of Kalaw and floating villages of Inle Lake in the east, by now I was adequately informed about

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Travel Tips: Things you should know when travelling to Myanmar


No doubt Myanmar is an easy country to travel but since it is still opening up to the International community after years of military rule, relying on one source of information is not sufficient. The standard of business practices is not consistent hence any extra info is helpful and can save you big bucks. These tips will also let you know what to expect in Myanmar so that you can plan accordingly. Here are some Travel Tips to Myanmar from my pe

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