Geography lessons in school were always special to me; I remember myself lost in the reverie of the lands unknown. By 2010, I was juggling my travel plans with the full-time job, in 2015 I took the plunge to travel full-time and work part-time, heard YOLO somewhere! I have scuba dived with Balicasag turtles in the Philippines; slept under the stars in the Thar Desert; stayed with the Mishing tribe in Majuli; Road tripped through Sri Lanka and with each passing adventure my wanderlust knows no bounds. With years of travelling, I have come to appreciate the local way of travelling. I stay at homestays, eat local food, visit indigenous tribes and pick up their language (currently learning Bahasa Indonesia!).

I am a woman with many hats from being a professional travel planner to publishing travel articles; I am always trying my hands on something new. Find more information on the work I do here.

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